Q. Are Teablets real tea, or just instant tea?

A. Teablets are 100% pure Ceylon tea; not instant.  Grown at a fair-trade certified plantation in Sri Lanka, the Teablets are manufactured at the same site through a proprietary high pressure process. There are no additives, preservatives or binding agents…just pure and natural tea.  

Q. What does Non-GMO mean?

A. Non-GMO means that no genetically modified organisms are contained in the product. Such genetic material engineering is typically meant to increase crop yield and uniformity, but also jeopardizes the health of the consumer. From seed to formation, the Teablet experiences zero genetic tampering. All we’ve done is give modern application to an ancient beverage. 

Q. Do the tea leaves dissolve?

A. The tea leaves brew, rather than dissolve. A brief stir in hot water simply breaks apart the micro-leaves, allowing the flavor to blossom and anti-oxidants to unfold.  The leaves settle to the bottom of the cup allowing for easy consumption.

Q. Does Teablets do private labeling for customers with their own label?

A. Yes, we do private labeling for restaurants, hotels, and other venues.

Any further questions, please contact us at sales@teablets.com.